Terms & Conditions

Ubuntu Medical Supplies warrants that they are the rightful owner of the equipment listed, and are legally able to transfer title ownership to the 'CLIENT'.

Ubuntu Medical Supplies cannot be held liable for a 'change of mind' by either the 'CLIENT' or any 'THIRD PARTY'.

Any and all taxes, licenses and associated fees shall be paid by the 'CLIENT'.

The 'CLIENT' agrees to indemnify and hold Ubuntu Medical Supplies harmless against any claims of loss or damage, without limitation.

Any claim by the 'CLIENT', based on defect/failure to work or other, must be made via email correspondence and within 7 normal days, from and including the date of delivery.

Ubuntu Medical Supplies shall take all the reasonable steps to ensure that the ' MEDICAL EQUIPMENT' being sold is in conformity with applicable laws and regulations as well as ensuring that it is in full working order for which it is purposed.

Transfer of ownership is passed over to the 'CLIENT' on the day in which full payment is received. If there is a payment plan in place (signed by both parties) then the machine/equipment will remain the property of Ubuntu Medical Supplies, until full payment is received and only then can ownership be transferred.

Ubuntu Medical Supplies cannot be held liable for damages or loss of goods incurred when using a courier - if items are to be insured, this needs to be requested via email correspondence by the 'CLIENT'

Any Certification for calibration/services done will only be sent to the 'CLIENT' once full payment for the job has been received.

Buying Brand New

Brand new medical equipment (not including consumables) are sold ONLY with the warranties provided by the manufacturer of the product, if any.

Buying Secondhand / Used Equipment

Any second hand / used equipment purchased from Ubuntu Medical Supplies holds NO WARRANTY.

Any additional repairs or maintenance needed are at the full responsibility of the 'CLIENT'.

All secondhand/used equipment will be inspected and ensured that it passes the necessary operational verification procedures. This certification will either be supplied with the machine, or can be requested by the 'CLIENT' at no additional cost.

Returns / Cash Refunds / Extension of Credit

If items need to be returned (agreed to and signed by Ubuntu Medical Supplies) the return is at the expense of the 'CLIENT'

Any returns (agreed to and signed by Ubuntu Medical) will carry a 15% handing fee.

Cash refunds will ONLY be considered on BRAND NEW equipment, if found faulty or defective upon further investigation and reported within the time window required. This arrangement must be in writing and signed by Ubuntu Medical Supplies.

Delivery fees are not reimbursed

Returns / Credit will only be extended pending the findings of a further investigation and needs to be agreed to and signed by Ubuntu Medical Supplies.

Credit that has been extended to a 'CLIENT' will have an expiry date (decided upon by Ubuntu Medical Supplies within reason) and cannot be redeemed for cash / purchase of equipment / consumables or products.

Credit can be used for diagnostics, servicing and calibration of equipment (excluding accessories) and selected repairs.