Ubuntu Medical Supplies enables your organisation to claim priority points by being a level 1 BEE supplier to your firm.


Ubuntu Medical Supplies offers your organisation more than 4 years of sound experience in the logistics of supply, service and repair of medical equipment. Regular refresher courses and on-going training ensures that best practice methodology is
maintained, and staff are current and compliant with legislation which forms the basis of services offered to our clients.

The founder Le Roy Williams have years of experience and exposure in the field of supply, servicing and refurbishment of medical equipment. His passion for caring about people spills over into the core values that Ubuntu Medical Supplies embraces and emulates:

Having worked in the industry with practical hands-on and in-house training in field support, client training, calibrating, servicing, logistics and customer-oriented service focus, the range of  understanding, knowledge and dedication Leroy enthuses into Ubuntu medical supplies is transferred directly to each individual client, no matter the size of your organisation’s requirements.

Personalized experience in servicing the local government & private sector. Ubuntu medical services  assuring  your firm has the best foundation in caring for patients with quality medical supplies that can be trusted and relied on, supplied to you by Ubuntu medical supplies

We look forward to your stay. 


Footprint & Delivery Capacity

With a dedicated track record, knowledge and understanding of providing quality service and field support in the local regions of Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and nationally within South Africa clients can have confidence in knowing we understand and aspire to meet your requirements irrespective of the locality of your business. Expertise in the distribution and logistics of delivering stock to 20 Sub Saharan countries, ensuring that the correct stock is accurately and timeously delivered to destinations.

You can be confident of receiving excellent service, genuine care and accurate timely delivery of all your medical equipment requirements. Ubuntu Medical Supplies guarantees ethical, customeroriented service and supply. We look forward to being your medical equipment partners in enabling your healthcare organisation to deliver the highest quality care to patients.


We offer tailor-made solutions to meet your organisations’ requirements for medical equipment. We can offer supply, servicing and repair of the full range of medical equipment for use in emergency units, dentist practices, maternity wards, general wards, national hospitals, ambulances, etc.